Brick & Stone Entrance Gallery

Incorporating brick and stone into entrances is beneficial in several ways. Whether you’re interested in a more aesthetically pleasing driveway for your home, or even a professional-looking walkway leading to your office doors, brick and stone are the perfect choices.

Walkway and Driveway Functions

A walkway is a path that leads from a driveway, parking lot, or curb to the entrance of your home or business. In some cases, walkways may also lead to gardens, patios, pools, and other parts of your outdoor landscape. Driveways provide off-street parking in residential applications, or they may lead to parking lots for commercial buildings. In either case, the goal is to provide a functional, aesthetically-pleasing entrance that seems to invite people in.

The Benefits of Brick and Stone

You have your choice of materials for entrances, and these include wooden slabs, concrete, or even brick and stone pavers. Of these, brick and stone offer you the most durability, beauty, and functionality. Here are the many benefits associated with brick and stone pavers.

  • Endless Design Possibilities – Both stone and brick come in several colors, textures, sizes, and patterns, which will allow you to completely customize your entrance to your liking.
  • Durability – Unlike wood, which requires frequent maintenance and may warp or split over time, or concrete, which can crack as the ground below settles, brick and stone pavers offer unsurpassed durability. They won’t crack or otherwise deteriorate during freeze and thaw cycles, and they last far longer than other materials in high-traffic areas.
  • Affordability – Because there are so many different types of brick and stone available for pavers, it’s possible to choose the options that best suit your budget without skimping on style and quality.
  • Luxury – Brick and stone pavers provide the appearance of luxury, but they usually cost less than wood or concrete entries.
  • Safety – Because these pavers are naturally porous and textured, they offer unsurpassed safety during inclement weather.
  • Easy Maintenance – Brick and stone requires little to no maintenance, which makes them the perfect choice for busy homeowners and professionals alike.
  • More Comfort – Light-colored pavers absorb less heat than concrete, which makes them ideal for entries into pools and gardens, where the hot walkway may burn your feet. Along those same lines, brick and stone don’t splinter like wood, which offers further protection.
  • Easy Repair and Replacement – Whether a paver on your walkway cracks or you experience an oil leak in your driveway, repair and replacement is a breeze. There’s no need to re-pour a concrete drive; simply remove the broken or stained pavers and replace them, instead.

Brick and stone entrances, including walkways and driveways alike, offer unsurpassed beauty, affordability, durability, and comfort unlike any other type of material. Our gallery provides samples of our work so you can see just how versatile these materials can be in your landscaping.


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