Brick & Stone Garden Wall Gallery

A garden wall (also known as a retaining wall in certain applications) is usually made of brick or stone, and while it’s more expensive than putting up a simple fence, it’s also far more attractive to the eye. These walls provide numerous benefits to homeowners, and they can add a sense of luxury and professionalism for commercial spaces, too.

Outstanding Curb Appeal

If there’s one reason why homeowners and professionals alike choose garden walls for their properties, it’s the curb appeal they provide. Whether you need a functional wall to keep your kids or pets safe, you want some additional privacy, or you simply want to improve your landscaping, brick and stone garden walls offer unsurpassed customization that goes above and beyond anything a fence can provide. You can choose the materials, colors, textures, styles, and patterns you like best, and you can choose a wall height that best suits your unique needs, too. A garden wall can cordon off the perimeter of your yard for aesthetic purposes, or it can be used as a retaining wall in various parts of your yard, too.

Benefits of Retaining Walls

A brick or stone retaining wall does much more than improve your home’s aesthetic landscaping. It also serves a few important functions.

  • It keeps soil in place. Wind, rain, and even dry conditions can cause soil to move, especially when that soil is at the top of a hill. A retaining wall or garden wall provides a gorgeous and functional support to keep that soil in place.
  • It prevents sink holes. A retaining wall pushes back against soil and water, which means it can prevent the formation of sink holes over time.
  • It may prevent flooding. If your home is prone to flooding, carefully planning the placement and height of your garden wall may protect your home from high water.
  • It reduces maintenance. Utilizing a garden wall at the base of a hill can help keep soil from sliding, which will reduce outdoor maintenance.

Functional Beauty

Garden walls can also be strategically placed in your landscape for functionality when you entertain. For example, a garden wall makes a fantastic enclosure for an outdoor kitchen, and when the height is appropriate, it can also serve as a countertop or even seating. These walls can facilitate planters, which allow you to grow a vertical flower or even vegetable garden, too. The possibilities associated with garden walls are truly endless.

If you’ve been considering a garden wall or retaining wall for your property, our gallery can provide you with a few unique design ideas. These are walls we’ve built for our past clients, and each and every one adds a sense of luxury and style to the property.



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