Brick & Stone Patio Gallery

When it comes to exterior landscaping, Chicago homeowners have plenty of ways to show off their senses of style. Brick and stone patios can be constructed in a variety of styles, colors, and a pattern to create a gorgeous patio that adds curb appeal and awes your guests.

Reasons to Choose Brick

Brick provides a sense of old-world style to your home and often exudes class, charm, and sophistication. It comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures, which allows you to create a unique, personalized patio. Brick is porous, which means it can retain moisture, but it is easy enough to clean. Brick is also quite affordable, and it looks far nicer than a traditional concrete or cement patio. Unlike wood, brick does not require constant sealing, nor will it rot in the weather. In fact, a brick patio can last for decades when properly maintained.

Natural Stone Options

When choosing natural stone for landscape design, Chicago homeowners have several choices. Slate, bluestone, and limestone are all popular options. It’s important to note that natural stone patios are more expensive than their brick, concrete, or even wooden counterparts because the stones must be quarried and hauled to the installation site. It also takes longer to lay, which can add to labor costs. On the upside, your stone patio will last for generations, and it requires very little maintenance other than some cleaning from time to time. Like brick, stone comes in many different colors and patterns.

Professional Design and Installation

Whether you choose brick or stone for your patio, it’s important to hire a company that can work with you from start to finish helping you realize your vision for your home. Elan Landscape Development will not only help you design your new patio, but will ensure that it is professionally installed by skilled technicians who are experienced in working with these materials. You can enjoy lasting peace of mind along with lasting curb appeal, and in most cases, adding a brick or stone patio will even increase the value of your home.

Brick and stone can be used for more than just patios when it comes to exterior design. Elan can also help you create stone or brick driveways, or even a gorgeous brick driveway entrance to highlight the rest of your property. Contact us today to learn more about our brick and stone options.




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