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Your driveway is the entry to your home. Much like your front door, it can add to the exterior aesthetic appeal of your home when it is properly laid with the right materials. Brick and stone are popular driveway materials for several reasons, and when properly maintained, they can last for generations.

Create the Look You Want

One of the biggest benefits surrounding brick and stone pavers for driveways is the ability to create just about any look you can imagine. You might want to create a rustic-looking driveway that matches the exterior of a country cottage home, or you may want a more modern look that complements your bold architecture. Whatever your preference, you can achieve it with brick and stone in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, and textures.

Installation Basics

Brick and stone driveways are simple to install, especially when done by a professional with the necessary tools and experience. These driveways typically rest on a bed of gravel topped by sand. Once these are in place, the professionals lay the brick or stone in a pattern, and then the perimeter pavers are set up around the driveway. Finally, sand is swept into the joints between the bricks or stones, then compacted. This process may repeat several times until the driveway has a solid appearance. In some cases, professionals may also use mortar to hold the bricks in place.

Brick and Stone Driveway Maintenance

Maintaining a brick and stone driveway is relatively simple, as well. For the most part, homeowners will simply need to clean the driveway a couple of times per year. This is usually done with a pressure washer, so it’s necessary to reseal the driveway after each cleaning to prevent erosion of the sand or mortar filling in the gaps. Such sealants can also help to prevent staining.

Common Repairs

The most common repairs carried out on brick and stone driveways involve replacing cracked or broken pavers. While it isn’t a regular occurrence, it can and sometimes does happen – especially following hailstorms or when a heavy object is dropped on the driveway. If your drive is filled with sand, it’s easier to remove and replace damaged bricks. If the drive is filled with mortar, however, the process becomes a little more complex.

Create a Uniform Appearance with Brick and Stone

Much like concrete, which can be used to create a driveway and a walkway around your home, it’s also possible to use brick or stone for the same purpose. Once your driveway ends at your home or the entrance to your garage, you can use the same materials in the same patterns to create a walk all the way around your home, leading to all the entrances. This uniform appearance is elegant and modern, and it gives your home even more curb appeal.

Brick and stone driveways are considered elegant and modern, and thanks to the variety of materials in all colors, shapes, and sizes, you can customize your home in any way you’d like. These driveways look much better than traditional concrete or asphalt, but with the right maintenance and care, they can last just as long.


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