Modern Patio and Built-In Grill Station with Gardens and LED Lighting

Here is a fantastic new modern patio and built-in grill station surrounded by simple, low maintenance gardens. To show this off in the evening, the patio hardscapes are lighted with under coping LED’s and the garden beds are lighted with heavy brass Area LED’s and LED Moonlighting in the main patio Tree. At the beginning […]

Early Spring Blooming Perennials, 10 Beautiful Plants

There are a number of early spring blooming perennials whose flowers are emerging just in time to get us excited for the real show that is to come in May.  The garden is really coming alive right now thanks to the recent warm up of last week.  More and more shrubs are just beginning to […]

Ornamental Grasses, 10 Great Ones For Your Sunny Garden

This month we would like to share with you some good information on Ornamental Grasses; a very exciting category of landscape plants that has been on an upward trend for two decade now. (Panicum ‘Northwind’ – Growing to 60″, Thick green foliage turns yellow in fall, Dense seed heads in September.)   (Chasmanthium – Northern […]

13 Hostas That You Will Find In My Garden

Hostas have always been a favorite plant to use in my garden. The large variety alone make them interesting.  There are solid color varieties of blue, green, yellow and white.  There are also many multi-colored varieties.  I grow Giant ones, Average  ones and Miniature ones in my garden.  I never seem to have a problem […]

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

If you have given any thought to making a nice upgrade to your landscape recently, one of the most exciting upgrades to consider is a nice Outdoor Lighting plan. Outdoor Lighting is typically used to highlight certain features of the landscape like a well placed ornamental tree, brick or stone walkways and a panel of […]

Decorative Boulders In The Garden

Around here we practically need to include decorative boulders in the garden designs.  I’d go as far as to say that boulders are an absolutely essential element of the garden.  Choosing the right boulder is important.  I tend to appreciate a more weathered boulder like the Sandstone boulder pictured here versus a river washed boulder […]

Ligularia ‘Little Rocket’

These plants are great and my timing couldn’t have been any better, I snapped this picture in Deerfield while they were in full bloom. The yellow flowers are brightening up this shade garden.

Plant of Interest: Betony

Stachys officinalis ‘Hummelo’ or better known by its common name Betony is a herbacious perennial that is easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil in the sun. Flowering stems will reach out above the foliage clump about a foot in late spring and early summer. Each stem is topped by a spike of reddish-purple, two-lipped, […]

Shady Entrance Garden

Here is a very nice entry garden that was planted last year in Deerfield. We pulled the bed around the two older trees and planted a mix of shade tolerant perennials and shrubs. We also used sandstone boulders for accent and installed a nice Flagstone apron for a bench. Everything came together nicely this year. […]