Spring Lawn Care

Getting a lawn into fine condition requires following certain unyielding rules regarding the conditioning of the grass plant as well as the conditioning of the soil. Getting the weeds under control with a selective herbicide is a good first step.  A good herbicide should be mixed properly in a pump sprayer, then applied on a […]

Maintenance Programs Are Ready

The Annual Maintenance Programs were mailed out this week.  Upon request from many clients, we have decided to list the second tier services on our program and include the cost in the Annual Maintenance price. The second tier services include: Irrigation System Management Tree Disease Management Tree Mineral Soil Enrichment Annual Planting Mulching and Composting […]

Spring Planning made easy

Spring Clean-ups will be underway at full production levels starting Monday April 7th. Due to the weather and moisture in the soil we are quite a bit behind, so our crews will be working late each day during the week and on Saturdays. The late spring will also require that all of our earliest clean-ups […]