Residential landscape & lawn maintenance services.

Here at Elan Landscape Development, our landscape maintenance is moving towards a standardized practice of using 100% organics for feeding lawns and planting beds. Over the last 3 years we have been running a trial using 100% organics on the lawn, 100% organics in the planting beds and synthetic herbicide for the control of crabgrass and broadleaf weeds in the lawn and garden beds on all of our lawn maintenance services. In addition, we have been feeding all new plantings with a 100% organic plant food that includes Mycorrhizae for establishing a nutritional food web in the soil. The plant growth has been impressive, and the health of the lawn has been outstanding. The lawn is so thick that there is not a need for a full broadleaf spray. We recommend that all of our clients begin transforming from a synthetic based lawn and garden fertilizing program to an organic based program.

  • Periodic evaluations of the property to assess the condition of the lawn and gardens, and to make -recommendations to improve the health and vitality of all.
  • Property Clean-ups in Spring and Fall
  • Soil cultivation, Mulch installation and Compost installation
  • Pruning done throughout the year, with timing that is appropriate to the needs of different varieties of plants.
  • Turf management with fertilizer and weed control applications
  • Turf aeration and de-thatching
  • Weekly mowing, weeding, trimming and clean-up

Proudly serving Libertyville, Deerfield and Highland Park, IL homeowners.


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