Let it Melt, Let it Melt, Let it Melt!

We will begin working on pruning and clearing as soon as the moderate temperatures return and the snow begins to melt. Our emphasis this time of year is on plant rejuvenation and the clean up of natural areas.

Spring Clean-ups are just around the corner. We are anticipating a late start to the season, so look for our crews in the end of March / beginning of April, if the moisture in the soil allows us to get in the garden.

Over the past 4 years we have run a turf management trial where we applied Organic compounds instead of the typical synthetic fertilizers to residential lawns. We were very pleased with the results. Our clients reported greener, healthier, more weed free lawns that emerged from dormancy earlier in the Spring and went into dormancy later into the winter. We also appreciate the fact that fewer chemicals are leaching into the water supply under Lake County. Currently, more than 60% of our maintenance clients use Organics. Clients who are new to Organics are put on a transitional program that helps wean the grass plant off of the potent synthetic fertilizers while conditioning the soil for a healthier growing medium.