Modern Patio and Built-In Grill Station with Gardens and LED Lighting


Here is a fantastic new modern patio and built-in grill station surrounded by simple, low maintenance gardens. To show this off in the evening, the patio hardscapes are lighted with under coping LED’s and the garden beds are lighted with heavy brass Area LED’s and LED Moonlighting in the main patio Tree.

At the beginning of the design phase for this project, the clients expressed one significant requirement; they wanted a patio to entertain family and friends on.  From there, it was up to us.  For starters, we enlarged the patio from the existing size of 550 square feet to a roomier 750 square feet.  Then, we integrated a built in grill station with plenty of counter top space for the cook and a bar height counter top for expanded seating.  To compliment the grill station, there was a built-in seat wall terminating into a low column.

With the back yard renovation now completed, our clients are enjoying a roomier dimensional paver patio with Bluestone built-in structures and Limestone bench coping and counter tops.  Additionally, the Patio is now surrounded by beautiful, low maintenance gardens designed to provide plenty of winter interest.

The anchor of the surrounding garden is a large old Honey Locust that provides just the right amount of dappled shade from the mid-day sun.  The rest of the plants are low to the ground and sited in a naturalized arrangement.  The foundation of the garden is a random group of evergreen Boxwood shrubs and some well placed boulders.  These do the heavy lifting during our nearly 5 months of dormancy.  To cover the remainder of the garden bed space we used a simple mixture of Hostas and Vinca ground covers.  A low voltage LED Landscape Lighting system was then installed to show it all off.

Under all of the bench copings and counter tops we installed 6 inch wide bar lamps that shine down on the beautiful stone work.  Its a subtle light that makes a gigantic impact.  Lighting the flagstone pathway are 2 down lit lamps with LED bulbs that are made of a heavy brass material and have a 9″ hat.  The finishing touch to the lighting system were 3 LED spot lights mounted up inside the tree, 2 directed upward into the canopy and 1 directed down into the garden.