Spring Planning made easy

Spring Clean-ups will be underway at full production levels starting Monday April 7th. Due to the weather and moisture in the soil we are quite a bit behind, so our crews will be working late each day during the week and on Saturdays. The late spring will also require that all of our earliest clean-ups are done in two phases. We will prune, edge and do general clean-up in the 1st phase and we will cultivate, rake and apply chemicals in the second phase.

Turf Fertilizer 1st App
In addition to the Spring Clean-ups, our crews are applying the first fertilizer application which includes a pre-emergent for the prevention of crabgrass. It is important not to apply crabgrass pre-emergents to lawns that will undergo restoration by seeding. The chemical will prevent the germination of turf grasses as well as weed grasses.

Broadleaf Pre-emergent
We will also apply pre-emergents in the planting beds during our clean-up process. This will help minimize the broadleaf weed seeds of plants like dandelion, clover and violet from germinating. Any weeds that germinated last year (and survived our winter this year) will re-emerge and must be manually removed or sprayed with a non-selective herbicide like Roundup.

Plant Bed Fertilizer
The soil in all planting bed space will be treated with our 100% organic fertilizer blend that includes many beneficial micro and macro nutrients that your plants need to thrive. This is the best way to fertilize your groundcovers, perennials and shrubs.

At this time of year we will be pruning dead wood and strays from all shrubs as needed. We will also prune late blooming shrubs like Hydrangea and Roses, and Thin caning plants like Dogwood. In addition, this is the time to cut back the ornamental grasses and any perennials commonly left up over the winter, like Sedum and Coral Bells.