Trees for Landscaping Gallery

Trees are a vital part of your landscaping. Not only do they offer aesthetic appeal, but they also provide functionality in several unique ways. In our gallery, you can few some of the ways in which Elan has used trees to beautify homes throughout the Chicagoland area.

Why You Need Trees

Trees require water, soil, and sunlight to thrive, and when you choose the right species, they require very little maintenance. The benefits associated with adding mature trees to your landscaping are numerous.

  • Protection from inclement weather. Strategically-placed mature trees can deflect harsh winds and protect the exterior of your home, your garden, and your landscape from damage.
  • Reduction of noise pollution. If your home is near a busy street or highway, adding trees between your home and that roadway can filter out much of the noise.
  • More wildlife. Trees are incredibly inviting for birds and other types of wildlife, which can provide you with a gorgeous view when you look out the window or step out into your yard.
  • Improved privacy. Trees can give you privacy without compromising your home’s curb appeal.
  • Reduced heating and cooling costs. When mature trees are placed on the south- and west-facing sides of your home, they can reduce cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter.
  • Increased property value. Homes with mature trees as part of the landscaping may be valued at 10% more than properties without trees.
  • Reduced stress. Per the Natural Resource Conservation Service, trees reduce stress.

Best Trees for Landscaping in the Chicago Area

When you want privacy and shade all year long – even during the winter months – it’s hard to go wrong with evergreen trees. Some of the most popular varieties include spruce, pine, juniper, and cypress, each of which can grow quite large. When you’re looking for aesthetic appeal, consider options like maple or yew, which change color throughout the seasons to put on a gorgeous display. Finally, if you’re looking for accents and ornaments, options like the Japanese maple with its purplish hue offer beauty and style.

Trees are important to your landscaping. In fact, most buyers look for homes with mature trees because they provide a sense of comfort. Choosing the right trees – and the proper placement – can save you money, reduce noise, and offer privacy, as well.


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